Cubieboard2 headless radio

Using cubieboard2 connected to the internet and a pair of speakers to play internet radio. It can be controlled through ssh from anywhere, currently using android tablet (with terminal emulator).

Terminal music player: cmus
sudo apt-get install cmus

Basic usage:
– open cmus with cmus command
– press “5” for entering browse mode
– open .pls or .m3u or any other live streaming/music file and enjoy

The internet radio files .pls and .m3u files are actually metafiles like HTML or XML files, with an address inside pointing to the actual stream. However, the player will not be able to play any BBC radio station. Their radio streams use mms protocol which is not supported by cmus.

The only problem about this is that the players process will be killed if ssh connection is broken. To avoid this use tmux.

Terminal multiplexor – tmux
sudo apt-get install tmux
Useful links:

Basic usage:
– create a new tmux session: tmux new -s radiostream
– from within this tmux session start cmus
ssh connection may now be interrupted and reattached at a later time (to change the radio for example) using tmux a -t radiostream.

Project idea: alarm clock using radio.


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